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Rabin Brothers

09/01/2013 - 27 Tevet 5773



 Rabins Artem and Rabins Stephan

Two brothers were taken to the CHAMAH Family Club last year and became active members in all of the educational activities.  They are intelligent children and want to know more about Jewish traditions. They are eager to have dance and music classes. However, the children have problems with their health – autism (Artem), neurology delay and cerebral palsy (Stepan), but they are very friendly with other children and very quickly felt they were at home. Our specialists tried to provide the children with different activities according to their demands and potential. Their mother, Tatyana, became one of CHAMAH’s volunteers, who helped us organize the work of Modeling Circle. At the Club she also has continuous support from the psychologist, because it’s very hard for her to raise ill children, and needs to find ways to help them. 

 There are 3 children in the family. The father of children died. The family hopes that Сhamah Family Club will continue its work next year.




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