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Chamah Answers a Heartfelt Prayer

Chamah answers a heartfelt prayer

"Please don't abandon

me in my old age"

Throughout the socialist years of the Soviet Union, the elderly population nearing pension felt secure that in their “golden years” they would be taken care of. They had spent their entire lives working for “Mother Russia” and she in turn would attend to them when needed. Pensioners in the socialist era of the USSR had benefits; complete medical coverage including doctors visits, consultations with specialists and  free medications. 

Golden citizenship would entitle them to free transportation, cost free usage of gas, water and electricity and food coupons would be distributed. As many living expenses would be paid for, the pension plan would allow the elderly to reap the benefits of their hard labor as young citizens.

All that changed almost overnight with the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The government shifted from socialist policies to a more westernized maintained administration. Capitalism was gaining popularity. While the young people shifted into the new management, the elderly had no ability to adapt.  Very quickly prices scaled higher and higher but the pension allowances remained the same- around $100 a month. The elderly were emotionally and financially crushed. All their hard working years and pension plans vanished with the new trend.

Although doctor’s visits and medical attention would be at nominal cost, the waiting period would be unbearable. Transportation would not be subsidized, utilities would not only be free of charge but more expensive. The regular distribution of  food coupons became a thing of the past. Basic food prices soared. Without the previous benefits, the elderly find themselves destitute.

Chamah initiated a special program where supporters from abroad directly assist these unfortunate elderly. By sending monetary gifts and kind words they bring hope and dignity to the elderly.







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