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Jewish Medical Center

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Jewish Medical Center

After the breakup of the Soviet Union a diversified social status was born. Although the elderly people spent their entire lives working for the Soviet government, they are now forced to live on meager pensions of only about $100 a month and cannot even afford a doctor’s visit. They must turn to the state run medical offices for help. These offices offer inadequate care and quite often neglect their patients because of the abundance of people they receive daily, and turn away many patients because of their age.  

This Jewish Medical Center is the first of its kind in Russia. The Center will provide medical assistance with modern state of the art equipment. Doctors in various professional fields will treat over 5000 patients free of charge.

The Jewish Medical Center will consist of a five story building with a basement, totaling approximately 20,700 square feet.   This land of half an acre is owned by Chamah.  The area is located in the northern part of Moscow where a large Jewish population resides, and is also conveniently accessible by the Moscow subway system.
 The building will contain a Physical Therapy Wing, various kinds of Clinics, a Rehabilitation Center on a hospital basis with doctors and beds to sleep there. A special Diagnostic Center with the latest medical equipment, Geriatric  Department and Internal Medicine.   A professional team is determining the logistics of the different departments within the building.

There are many doctors in various fields who are willing to volunteer their time, but require proper facilities to practice. With their expertise, the “First Jewish Rehabilitation and Medical Center” will provide medical assistance free of charge to the elderly, ill and needy. People who are ordinarily not able to afford a private doctor will have the full attention of medical professionals free of charge. They will qualify to receive routine checkups and the proper individualized care they require.


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