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Elderly Share Their Stories

Margarita I

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

Margarita Isaakovna and Samuil had lived together for more than 55 years. Two years ago Margarita became ill, and was diagnosed with leukemia.

Leo O

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

Leo was born in 1937 - at the height of the Era of Great Terror in Russia . When he was only a year old, his father was imprisoned and then executed as an "enemy of the state". Leo Osipovich lives alone. Moscow grew, new homes were built. His house was torn down, and Leo Osipovich was given a one-room apartment in the same area, on the fourth floor with no elevator. There he lives now. Lonely, sick, with only one leg ... only memories of a once happy family life...

Mary M and Vera S

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

These two women, who were lifelong friends, live in the suburban town of Ramenskoye. They are very sick and bedridden, and are under the auspices of Chamah.

Sophia A

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

Sophia Aronovna will soon be 85 years old. She suffered a heart attack, and suffers from atherosclerosis of brain vessels. She is homebound, but when she received the food parcel from Chamah, her face lit up, and she said: Let's cook some chicken soup. My husband loved it so much...

Ceila L

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

she lives alone in the same tiny apartment, and requires a wheelchair to be mobile. She suffers from diabetes, which caused obesity and terrible sores on her feet. Volunteers from Chamah help her with great respect and warmth and are amazed at this courageous woman who never complains, and is always gracious and kind.

Peter N

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

Peter Naumovich lived in suburban Ramenskoye. By the time of his retirement he acquired a variety of chronic diseases: cancer, cirrhosis of the liver in the initial stage and stomach problems. He now lives very humbly, in his old house that needs repair, but Peter Naumovich is not discouraged.


20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

Maria D

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

Maria Davydovna has lived most of her 81 years in the suburban town of Orekhovo-Zuevo outside Russia’s capital city. She worked for many years as a nurse in a kindergarten, and although she had no children of her own. In the summer of last year, when fires began to spread into the suburbs, Maria’s house went up in flames. Everything happened at lightning speed, and although she managed to escape the burning house, she lost all her possessions and was left homeless.

Basil I

20/01/2014 - 19 Shvat 5774

Basil I was born in 1935 in Egorievsk, a suburb of Moscow. As a young man, he was fun-loving and outgoing. He married a woman who taught English at a local school. He had steady work for 27 years in a machine shop. Together the couple raised two twin sons. But life took a terrible turn for Basil.

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