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08/02/2007 - 20 Shvat

The Jewish assimilation in America has reached frightening proportions and the Jewish population is unfortunately declining, threatening the very existence of our People in the future. There is no doubt that this is a result of a lack of Jewish education among our youth.

There are now about 400,000 Russian Jews in the New York metropolitan area and 45,000 children who attend public schools and have no Jewish education at all. Therefore Chamah sponsors after school programs to introduce these children to their Jewish Heritage. The uniqueness of this program is that the teachers being Russian Jews by their origin and having a perfect command of the Russian language and mentality, are able to convey the idea of being Jewish into the hearts and souls of our children.

We now have several programs in Brooklyn and Queens. The curriculum includes tutoring classes, athletics, music, arts and crafts, celebrating Jewish holidays, trips of Jewish interests, etc.

Our goal is to ensure that when the children enter college and grow into adulthood they will build Jewish families thus perpetuating the continuity of the Jewish Nation.


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