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Nutritional Support for Elementary School Children, Mofet

04/02/2010 - 20 Shvat 5770
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Slashes in government allowances have caused a great demand for nutritional support geared for children.  The previous report from the Israel National Social Security states alarming numbers of children from families living below the poverty level. Over 700,000 children last year and that number has increased. The global economic crisis has affected Israel’s industry resulting in numerous layoffs.  Many children leave for school without breakfast, some only having a piece of bread as the parents rely on the school to provide a meal for their child.  

The Nutritional Support Program for Needy School Children is carried out through Chamah at the Mofet Elementary School located in the low socio-economic neighborhood of Ir Ganim, Jerusalem. At the school, the student body is comprised of children from Ethiopian families and other developing countries. Many are from single parent families and some are orphans living by their relatives. If the children do have both parents living with them, they are usually factory workers leaving very early in the morning and take on double shifts in a useless attempt to try cover the costs of very basic household expenses. Even so, their salaries are very low and the cost of living is high which categorizes these families and their children to the pathetic raw statistics of children living under the poverty line. The ramifications of this dismal situation raise significant challenges, specifically to the Mofet School administration. Parent(s) or relatives are not at home when the children leave for school, no particular breakfast waits for them on the kitchen table, the bread basket is empty and the pantry is bare of anything resembling an adequate carbohydrate. Maybe they drank a cup of water before leaving for school.


The school children at the Mofet Elementary School desperately need nutritious breakfasts. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of starting the day with a nutritious breakfast especially for young, tender schoolchildren.  A strong educational foundation begins with a good breakfast in order to concentrate on the scholastic materials being taught. The concept of bringing in nutritional support for the needy school children at the school has proven to be an effective and efficient way to obtain the goal and end result of a productive education.  Children receiving the nutritious breakfasts are focused, pay attention at class and grasp the educational concepts. The students motivation to learn well and behave properly  which comes from knowing that the school attends to their needs by providing nutritious breakfasts, generates high achievements. It creates the end result which is a solid educational foundation that continues throughout their educational career helping the children to develop into productive members of society.   


With the assistance and expertise of Chamah,  Mofet School administration and dedicated staff, the school children have remarkably achieved both scholastically and personally despite the obstacles and challenges faced to them.  In appreciation of these efforts to all involved,  the school was honored to have President of Israel Shimon Peres and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat personally commence the previous scholastic year .


Typical Breakfast Menu


cream cheese/cottage cheese

tuna fish / yellow cheese / egg /avocado spread / hummus and tehina


pudding/yogurt several times a week

Orange Juice/chocolate milk


In addition, Chamah distributes holiday food packages to the families of the children.



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