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Books in Russian

Conversations on the Weekly Chapter of the Torah

This 700 page, hard cover book is designed for a beginner who is looking to understand the basics of the Torah and for those who want to enrich their knowledge in Torah and Judaism.  The commentary of “The Five Books of Moses” is given in several  variations and includes the exact understanding of the text, a deeper analysis of the structure and nuance of the text and the allegoric association with explanation of the text and interpretation of the hidden meaning based on Kabbalah.

Torah and Spiritual Revival

This 410 page, soft cover book is designed for beginners and for those seeking to enrich their knowledge of Judaism. Based on original sources such as Tanach, Talmud and Chassidic teachings, it covers a wide spectrum of topics in the philosophy, traditions and heritage of Judaism. Judaism combines faith and action and we hope this book will result in a deeper bond between the reader and his Jewishness.

A Reference Book on Judaism – 1,200 Terms and Concepts

This 530 page, hard cover book includes more than 1,200 definitions, terms and historical dates of Judaism according to Halacha and our Jewish tradition. The purpose of this book is to reach a wide range of readers. The rich information contained in this book can be very helpful to students and teachers of Russian speaking Jewish schools and seminaries. We hope the use of this book will deepen our readers’ perception of their Jewish tradition and inspire them with a sublime connection of their Jewish roots and history of our nation.

Conversational Hebrew

Chamah is proud to announce the publishing of its second edition of the Russian- Hebrew dialogue handbook. This handbook is a useful tool for Russian speakers who wish to learn basic conversational Hebrew.


Crossing the River

The fascinating, 320 page, soft cover book "Crossing the River" by the renowned Russian-Israeli writer and journalist Daniel Kluger is a unique both popular and in-depth study of various interesting chapters of Jewish history.   The very fact of the continuing existence of the Jewish nation in Diaspora throughout the last two thousand years, is in sheer contradiction to all the scientific hypothesis and beliefs of the historical systems. The Jewish people proved its enigmatic ability to survive based on the common traditions, religious laws and Torah - the Holy Scripture.

The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

This 254 page, soft cover book is a thorough elucidation of the Jewish laws and customs relating to death and mourning from the moment of death to post mourning practices and procedures.

Spice and Spirit
The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook

Hardcover 415 pages

This 60 page, soft cover novel is a story of faithfulness to one’s people, friendship and love. For the ideals of the Jewish People dies mar-Huna, a descendant of King David. His son Bustenai renounces promised fame, success, the throne and a beloved woman for the sake of faith. Bustenai - for the first time in Russian is of special significance to the Russian readers, who have been alienated from their Jewish roots.

The Dispute
This 80 page soft cover book brings the public debate that took place in  the year 1263 in Barcelona, Spain. During the 12th century Nachmonides, a Jewish doctor, philosopher, astronomer, Kabbalist and commentator on the Torah was invited to openly elucidate the Jewish faith in retaliation to the accusations of the Christians.

This is a 90-100 page periodical is designed for the Russian reading intellectual. The wide range of topics includes articles in different fields of medicine and science in relation to the Jewish faith.







Torah and Spiritual Renaissance

This two volume, 255 page each, soft cover book familiarizes the Russian reader with our Holy Torah, the foundations of our faith and the treasures of Judaism, with special emphasis on the relevant problems related to this. The first volume contains a commentary on every portion of the Torah and a number of chapters dedicated to Mitzvot, Shabbat and Jewish festivals. The second volume includes chapters dedicated to subjects such as the uniqueness of the Jewish Nation, the relationship between science and religion and the conflicts between Judaism and certain trends outside the sphere of Judaism.



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