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As the exodus of Russian Jews from the former Soviet Union began, the first priority was how to introduce them to the beauty of their Jewish heritage, history and culture in their native Russian tongue. For this reason, Chamah has established a publication department to publish Judaic books in the Russian language. Because of their significance the books have been reprinted several times.  Other Judaic publishers in Russia and in other parts of the world are reprinting excerpts from Chamah publications.

A world of Judaic classics and Jewish educational literature has been written in Hebrew. An abundance of material has been created in English over the past fifty years, but for the millions of Jews whose native language is Russian, there is almost nothing to read about Jewish heritage and tradition. In response to this need, Chamah is publishing Judaic classics in the Russian language.

Chamah is publishing the “Alef” Magazine since 1981. “Alef” is the first monthly Jewish publication in the Russian language.

“Alef” covers all the issues facing the world today, including Jewish tradition, heritage, culture, family issues, art, health, theater, music and keeps its readers up to date with the latest news from Israel and around the world. “Alef” extensively covers the various aspects of political and public life in the United States, Israel and Russia.

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