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Humanitarian Programs

Humanitarian Programs of Chamah

Although immigrants arriving to Israel from the Russian Federation are relatively more organized for their move than their refugee brethren who escaped Soviet Russia during the Communist era, they still arrive bewildered and unprepared.  The programs of Chamah are a great relief to the Olim throughout their absorption process.

Warm Welcome

Chamah greets the new immigrants providing them with cooked food, linens and blankets, clothing and basic necessities. Counseling is provided for employment, housing, health services, banking and more. Chamah is in close contact with numerous factories and employment agencies. Chamah volunteers make home visits to welcome the newcomers.

Aliya Crisis Services
Looking for a suitable place to live and an adequate living, for example, can be an almost debilitating affair. The language barrier and recent acts of terror bring only added frustration and fear. Quite often people need to completely retrain for a new profession. Such struggles often lead to inner agitation and family crisis. Hired professional psychologists, educators and social workers work one-on-one with immigrants in critical situations, helping them find the strength and courage they need to adapt as fully as possible.

Holiday Packages
Prior to holidays, Chamah distributes special holiday food packages. It is truly a great help and contributes much to a nourishing and celebratory holiday atmosphere in the home.

Victims of Terror
Chamah has opened a special department to reach out to the survivors of terrorist attacks themselves and for their families. This is a very delicate program for one does not wish to re-open the wounds that are healing.

Communal therapy does wonders, as it helps to bring a person out of himself when required. Yet some people need one-on-one personalized therapy. Trained professionals are available at our Community Center for exactly such cases.

Chamah volunteers visit these people at their homes, bringing with them food packages, offering words of consolation, showing that we care. Conventions are held to bring the families together. Chamah affixed a memorial plaque in honor of the new immigrants who have lost their lives to these terrorist attacks. There was not a dry eye in the hall when their loved ones lit the "Ner Zikaron".

Medical Assistance to Health Care Organizations
Chamah has been of great assistance to many health care organizations. By providing essential medical supplies to numerous organizations such as the Magen David Adom, Chamah is a part of saving lives in Israel.


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