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Chamah Center for Child Development

13/06/2007 - 27 Sivan

Providing Educational Opportunities to Needy Challenged Children

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The Chamah Center for Child Development -

CCCD-  is a 3,157 square foot facility servicing approximately 500 children with physical and or acute mental disabilities each year. Situated on beautiful grounds in the heart of historic Moscow, the CCCD employs professional educators and operates rehabilitation programs for these of special children.

Chamah assists in purchasing medical equipment such as insulin pumps, blood glucose monitoring system, orthopedic shoes, wheelchairs, medications, eyeglasses, provides medical care, distributes personal hygienic products, food packages and clothing, sponsors suitable summer programs and provides parent training sessions to guide parents on how to cope with their special children.

This is a life-saving program for children with disabilities from needy homes and gives them the opportunity to live in a dignified manner and enjoy the companionship of other children.

Chamah operates the program in full coordination with the social welfare agency of Moscow and the JDC.

The children are fed hot and nutritious meals With the guidance of the devoted staff at the CCCD, the growth, achievement and progress of the children are noteworthy. From a child’s first smile, first step, or first word, we offer hope of reaching their full potential.

The Educational staff includes psychologists, neuropsychologists, masseurs, therapeutic gymnastics, nurses, a dietician, methodologist consultant, parent instructor, language development various therapies such as speech, animal, art, music, dance and drama.

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