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Day Care Center for Small Children

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The Chamah Day Care Center is a major contribution to Kiryat Malachi. The Local City Council, in appreciation of Chamah's enormously valuable projects benefiting the immigrants and the community at large, allotted a 1,300 sq. meter - 15,000 sq. ft. parcel of land and submitted a recommendation to the Israel Education Fund of the Jewish Agency to launch this program.

One the eve of Israel's Jubilee Year the Grand Ground Breaking Ceremony was held. Chamah was proud to host over one hundred U.J.A activists, representatives of the Government of Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Russian Division of the U.J.A., Mayor of Kiryat Malachi and members of the city council. This cooperative effort blossomed into a reality opening its facilities to about 100 children on September 1, 1999.

From 7:30 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. the youngsters, ranging in age from six months to three years, enjoy a wide range of all encompassing programs including outdoor play, indoor activities, audio tapes, rhythm, crafts, special events etc. The outdoor play areas are beautifully landscaped and surrounded by attractive fencing and vines.

The children run around on the lush grass. Each of the three main groups (babies up to one year, toddlers: one to two years, tots: two to three years have eye catching outdoor equipment of the highest quality from leading American companies, in their respective areas. The two sandbox areas are shaded with beautiful wooden pergolas. The baby’s sandbox is covered by sturdy plastic. Two separate patios serve as additional playground for the children’s creativity.

The fully heated and air conditioned indoors are attractively decorated in soft pastel colors. The furnishings are constructed of the finest quality wood. The make-believe corner includes a  large walk in dollhouse complete with miniature kitchen and furniture. A separate exercise room features brightly colored mats, tunnels, swing and jumping blocks.

A dynamic director heads the excellent and loving staff. Biweekly evaluations are held. The nursery teachers are all fully state accredited. The cook prepares freshly cooked nutritious meals and snacks daily.

Parents knowing that their children are learning and developing under such optimum conditions feel secure in going out to work.



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